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Membership is open to the Quality Manager or Quality Lead of a Clinical Laboratory from any NHS or other clinical laboratory or group of laboratories, within the area. Furthermore, at the discretion of the association officers, and with the support of a properly constituted (quorate) quarterly meeting, membership may be extended to include those who have made a significant contribution to quality management in NHS clinical laboratories, or demonstrate a willingness to actively contribute to continued quality improvement in clinical laboratories

Aims of the Group
To promote the cause of Quality Management and Quality Improvement within Clinical Laboratories.

To provide mutual support and information sharing relating to Quality Matters.

To review experiences within the quality management of Clinical Laboratories including current developments, current accreditation, other standards, and legislative requirements etc.

The Association elects the following officers for a term of two years:
   Representative to AQMLM
Officers may stand for re-election.

Association meetings
'Association' as used here indicates West Midlands Clinical Laboratory Quality Managers' Association.

Quarterly Business meetings will be held with an Annual General meeting held in July of each year. These meetings may also include formal presentations or an opportunity for more informal presentation and discussion.

Minutes of Business and General meetings will be recorded by the Secretary.

The venue(s) for the meeting will be decided and reviewed annually.

Quarterly meetings may be substituted for a wider remit meeting (e.g. Workshop or Symposium) intended to promote better Quality Management to a wider clinical laboratory audience.

Attendance at Association meetings is not mandatory but members must demonstrate a willingness to actively participate in discussion and support activity outside the meeting.  In addition, members are expected to attend at least one association meeting per year to be considered 'active', unless significant input to Association activities has been made by other means. Members are required to attend two Association meetings per year to be eligible for for free membership to AQMLM.

The Association may invite any other person as an observer or expert pertinent to the business of the meeting and the aims of the Association.

All Association activities are educational and arranged on a "not-for-profit" basis. Charges, if levied, are usually set to cover the anticipated expenses of an event. Sponsorship, if sought to cover partial costs of a larger meeting, will not be accepted on the basis of an inducement or implied obligation on the part of the Association or it’s individual members. The Association expressly maintains it’s independence from such inducement.

The Association banker is Barclays Bank and funds are held in a Community Account.  The account signatories and Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary, with cheque authorisation being any two, to include the Treaurer.

In the event that the Association ceases to exist, any remaining funds, after settlement of all liabilities, will be disbursed to an appropriate medical charity determined by the Association officers

The Chair, or delegated officer, and three other Association members must be present for a full quorum meeting