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The WMCLQM Association is an independent group of healthcare professionals whose role is in Quality Management.

The WMCLQM Association is totally independent of any sectional interest, although members must adhere to professional registration and employer's codes of practice.

The WMCLQM Association receives no direct funding from any organisation.  Members give their time voluntarily and without expectation of payment, with the exception of any out-of-pocket expenses incurred.

The only source of funds for its activities is through surpluses generated from modest fees for its activities and occasional sponsorship for these activities by interested companies.  Sponsorship is only accepted on the basis that the WMCLQM Association will not promote any product advertised or induce its members to use these products.  Sponsors pay for the opportunity to place a small stand at WMCLQM Association meetings and/or to speak about their products where such a presentation is relevant to the programme of the meeting.

WMCLQM Association Funds are held and managed on behalf of the Association, by the Association Officers on a not-for-profit basis, using a Bank Community Account with the Treasurer and one of the two other officers acting as signatories.

Personal data collected for registration of members or for its activities is held in a secure database at the webmaster's workplace and will never be sold, distributed or used for any WMCLQM Association-unrelated purpose, unless witrh the explicit permission of members on each and every occasion.

This website does not use 'cookies' or collect any browser based information from those using the contact or registration forms.

This web domain is registered to the WMCLQM Association at the webmaster's workplace address: Dr Jonathan Middle, Birmingham Quality (UK NEQAS), PO Box 3909, Birmingham B15 2UE.

The WMCLQM Association has no formal relationship with Birmingham Quality (UK NEQAS) or the University Hospital Birmingham  NHS Foundation Trust which hosts Birmingham Quality (UK NEQAS)

You may telephone the webmaster on 0121 414 7300 or use his work email address:
drjgmiddle [at] gmail [dot] com

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